About Us

Samaritan’s Carriage is a Christian ministry staffed by more than 100 volunteers who seek to be “good neighbors” to those in our community.  Our mission is to share God’s love with persons who reside in  assisted living facilities in Kent and Ottawa Counties, with restricted mobility

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Samaritan’s Carriage owns a small bus, custom-built to transport five wheelchair passengers, five volunteers, a driver and a staff member from the care facility.  

Samaritan’s Carriage primarily serves care facilities that do not have ready access to transportation services for their residents.  These care facilities are then asked to select residents for our outings who do not receive many visitors and/or do not have opportunities to participate in outside excursions and events. 

Our guests and volunteers 
enjoy day excursions to local attractions such as Meijer Gardens, Fulton Street Market, Rockford Dam, Grand Haven Boardwalk, Dutch Village, and many local parks and museums.  We also have enjoyed beautiful fall color tours, bowling, tours of local businesses, and visits to private collection museums. 

After a short visit to one of these popular attractions, guests and volunteers are driven to a local restaurant to enjoy a delicious luncheon, provided (at no charge to our guests and volunteers) by Samaritan’s Carriage.

Since its beginnings in 2002, Samaritan’s Carriage has provided a blessing for over 10,000 guests and volunteers, safely hosting over 1,400 outings. These outings are offered without charge to our guests, volunteers, and local care facilities.  Every outing is staffed completely by volunteers; a part-time director manages the logistics of the ministry. As a not-for-profit 501 (c) 3 organization, Samaritan’s Carriage is funded entirely through the generosity of churches, businesses, and individual donors. 

Samaritan's Carriage Mission:

As an expression of God’s love, Samaritan's Carriage tailors experiences and personal encounters that affirm, bless and bring joy
into the lives of persons
having limited mobility.

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